Make Your Backlinking Efforts Work For You

Do you spend hours building high-value links? Do you spend marketing dollars on buying high-quality links? Does all of this effort come to nothing when your web rankings do not change? Linkhuggers was created just for you.

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How can you get higher Google rankings without spending more time and money?

If you’re wondering why you never rise in the search engine rankings, despite putting all your marketing expertise to use creating some of the best backlinks around, it’s simple, Google isn’t finding your links. Just because you create a link does not mean Google knows about it. If only it were that simple. Google only finds and indexes 5-10% of all links out there. Think about what this means.
• For every 50 links you create only as few as 3 may actually be recognized by Google.
• For every hour you spend on creating links only approximately 10 minutes is productive.
• For every $100 you spend on links, potentially only $5-$10 is an effective budget spend

How can Linkhuggers help you save time and money?

Imagine if you could guarantee a 100% crawl rate.
Imagine if you could raise the number of your links indexed by Google to a guaranteed 75%.
This is what Linkhuggers can do for you.
Sounds like magic, right?
Well it's not, it is a tried and tested method that has a proven success rate.

How do we do it?

• Years of strategy research
• Results that work for Google, AHREFs, and Majestic
• 100% Google approved methods to guarantee at least 75% of your links are recognized and indexed

What techniques do we use?

• Create shortened, search engine friendly links.
• Ping all links on numerous occasions to make for better and faster indexing.
• Create content pages on sites we own with your backlinks on, and ping the links.
• Create RSS feeds on sites we own with your backlinks on, and ping the links.
• Create XML Sitemaps on sites we own with your backlinks on, and ping the links.
• Place your links on high-quality private blog networks.
• Use magic ingredients; these are the tricks that are unique to us and which are guaranteed to improve your crawling and index rates.

Not forgetting our “Super Hugs” which automatically analyze your submitted links and give extra 'link juice' to high-quality links.

Why You Need Link Huggers

Can you really afford not to take the opportunity to improve your visibility and your online business? What reason could you possibly have for not contacting Linkhuggers to help you?
• You are happy languishing unrecognized on the Web
• You can afford to waste time and money building ineffective backlinks
• You do not want to improve your business productivity and sales If that is you then you can stop reading right now, but we have to ask, should you really be in business?

If that is not you, then read on, and find out how Linkhuggers can revolutionize your online business.

How can you start optimizing your backlinks today?

The only thing you have to do is get in touch with Linkhuggers, and we’ll do all the work for you. Once you start using Linkhuggers it could not be simpler.
• Type your link onto the site.
• Sit back and watch as your search engine rankings improve when your links are recognized and indexed.
That is it. We have the knowledge and experience to get those links recognized for you. You do not have to do any more work than you already are. Just create those links, and we’ll do the rest.

What are your alternatives?

If you are not convinced already then think about what options you really have.
Your links are out there, but they are lost in the deep dark Internet; what could you do?
• Give up altogether
• Spend more and more time building links with no positive results
• Spend more and more money on links with no positive results.
Or… Speak to Linkhuggers and get us to help, using are well-researched methods that have proven successful results. Is there really a choice?

Why should you get in touch with Linkhuggers today?

You should be able to see the advantages we have to offer you, but just in case you need reminding, this is what we can promise to provide:
• All of the hard work done for you
• Fast positive results, often within a couple of hours
• Value for money; we’ll optimize your marketing dollar for you
• Open API so you can integrate into your seo software.
Act now before you lose out! Like any other business, our prices do not stay the same forever. Join Linkhuggers today, and we’ll make sure you benefit from the very best rates. Delay and you may lose out on this guarantee. You also don’t want your competitors to use us first; there’s nothing worse than playing catch up.
Contact Linkhuggers today and we’ll rescue your links from the Internet black hole, get them recognized and indexed, and improve your rankings and your online sales.